To be honest,

To be honest, I never took the Apple Watch into equation on my search for an appropriate smartwatch, because I never really considered it’s design to be good looking. In fact, for me it is the less appealing Apple product I’ve ever seen. But after the presentation of series 3 it became the only smartwatch that truly is smart, because it became completely autonomous thanks to LTE. So I took a closer look at it. Even though the LTE version still suffers some minor flaws and my provider does not support eSIM yet, the hardware itself is very impressive. So impressive that I decided to go for the none LTE version. In my opinion technically the Apple Watch is the best smartwatch so far. Responsive, well build, waterproof and the battery lasts up to three days. At least the way I use it. I think I’ll skip series 4 and with series 5 the technology will be advanced enough to consider getting rid of my iPhone and just go with my iPad and watch. We’ll see –

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