While trying to

While trying to establish a more for myself, I’ve been eager to try Apple’s new notes app, because it could replace my current setup of four apps with just one. After using it for the last weeks through 11 beta, it became apparent to me that it can handle everything it promises on a basic level. But it is no replacement for this four apps, I’m a real of: Keep (or Notes) for random ideas, reminders, web links and such. Excellent to organize by tags and colors. Nebo by MyScript for texts that are searchable and can be converted to plain text. Correcting gestures are awesome while writing with the . PDF expert for reading and annotating documents. I know concepts could do this too, but reading and applying notes is far more comfortable. And last but not least Concepts. An awesome app for and visual ideas. I’ll be a bit more detailed about what I love about these apps over the next days, utilizing Apple’s stunning new feature on – @apple @google @readdle @conceptsapp

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